Ukrainian companies took part in specialized exhibition Food ingredients in Japan for the first ti

On October 2-4, 2019, seven companies-manufacturers and exporters of agri-food ingredients for the first time took part in the exhibition Food ingredients for taste Japan (https://www.hijapan.info/en/) within the Ukrainian stand:

• Arnika Organic (arnika.organic) - the largest producer of organic corn, soybeans, chickpeas in Ukraine;

• Agro-Patriot (chesnok.in.ua) - a leader in the industrial cultivation of garlic in Ukraine;

• Alta Kraina (altakraina.com) - exporter of organic frozen berries and juice concentrates;

• Barbet (barbet.com.ua) - exporter of organic cereals, peas, soybeans, chickpeas, sunflower products, flax, mustard, lentils;

• Factoria-agro (factoria-agro.ua) - a leader in mustard processing in Ukraine;

• GFK trading group (gfkcompany.com) - trader in nuts, seeds, beans, frozen berries and vegetables;

• AbiFarm - a manufacturer of snails

Ukraine's high ratings on the global market and the Japanese market's significant interest in importing food ingredients have become a prerequisite for organizing a Ukrainian stand at Food ingredients Japan. The results of the survey of the participants of the stand showed high interest in Ukrainian companies. During the 3 days of the exhibition, more than 160 meetings were held at the Ukrainian stand, each participant held an average of 23 meetings.

The Ukrainian stand at Food ingredients Japan is the result of the work of companies and organizations that have chosen the Japanese market as their ambition. Active informational and organizational support to the Ukrainian delegation was provided by the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan, whose staff took part in the stand, events, as well as in direct work with importers and government services of Japan.

For reference:

The exhibition ‘Food ingredients for taste Japan’ is held in various formats for 30 years in a row in the first days of October. In 2019, the exhibition received 39,663 visitors and 570 participants, who were accommodated on 880 stands.

Food ingredients for taste Japan focuses on 2 types of ingredients:

- Natural ingredients (vegetables and fruits, juices, cereals, legumes, phytoproducts, spices, oils, dairy products, fish, egg products, meat, others);

- Food additives (spices, flavors, sweeteners, stabilizers, dyes, enzymes, flavor enhancers).

Photos to illustrate the events at the exhibition are by the link.

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