Export-breakfast about the results of the Ukrainian companies participation in FOODEX Japan 2018

On June 20, the COIN consulting company, in partnership with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Japan Management Association and Ukrainian food export board conducted an export-breakfast "On the way to the National Pavilion at FOODEX Japan". The event was attended by more than 40 Ukrainian producers, state and international institutes: Export Promotion Office, Embassy of Ukraine and Japan, State service of Ukraine for food and safety and consumer protection, delegation of the European Union in Ukraine, delegates of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, UN. Speakers of the event - representatives of Ukrainian exporters, state and international bodies, as well as COIN partners shared their experience with the opening of the Japanese market and plans for 2018-2019.

Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine emphasizes that Ukraine is ready to reorient its export from raw materials to processed products with high added value. The most promising categories for export to Japan are confectionery and snacks, canned vegetables and fruits, tomato paste, jams, berries, nuts, and honey.

COIN's partner Yuri Lutsenko recommends Ukrainian producers provide at least 9 months for preparatory work, which is preceded by the first test shipment. If the Japanese side is satisfied with the product, price, business culture of the partners, Ukrainian exporter can count on long-term business relations. Such a feature of cooperation with Japanese importers Yuriy Lutsenko calls "Rule 999", when 9 months is allocated for the establishment of communication, but in the future, it is possible to count on 99 years of further cooperation.

Ukraine became the first country in the post-Soviet space, which was personally visited by a delegate from the organizer of the exhibition FOODEX Japan. Akiko Ohara, manager of the European area of ​​the exhibition FOODEX Japan confirmed the thesis about the demanding Japanese consumer to food products and the need for significant investments in order to export to Japan. For successful market entry, Ms. Akiko recommends counting on at least 2 FOODEX Japan exhibitions. However, despite all the complexity, the Japanese market is open to new tastes. It is typical for the Japanese to constantly discover new tastes and cuisine for themselves, and Ukraine has something to offer in this direction.

Among the business delegates were representatives of InAgro, Liqberry and Famberry companies. Each company represented a separate segment of exporters to Japan. Anna Markovska, a delegate of InAgro, talked about the features of exporting B2B products to Japan. The company has been participating in FOODEX Japan for three years, and plans to exhibit products at this exhibition in the future.

Lyudmila Voinalovych, EBRD Project Coordinator, represented the opportunities, offered by the bank to companies that also plan to open new export markets. As part of the Small and Medium-sized Business Support Program, the EBRD is ready to cover 50% of the cost of consultancy services for the company's exit into new markets. Companies that have been operating for more than two years, with excellent business reputation and potential for further development, can receive funding.

COIN’s partner Victor Bobko shared with participants the peculiarities of the organization of export supply to Japan and the specifics of communication with the Japanese importer. The speaker stressed that the development of export to Japan requires the involvement of significant resources, and the first results should be expected at least after one year of work. Therefore, before the start of preparatory work on exports to Japan, Victor Bobko recommends companies to evaluate their own willingness to invest in such a direction. The specifics of communication with Japanese importers is that it is important to use a maximum of channels: telephone communication, e-mail, as well as regular personal meetings within trade shows and exhibitions.

At the end of the event, COIN announced the plan to organize a trade tour to Japan in the fall of 2018. Also, according to the results of the export-breakfast, a number of participants expressed their interest in participating in the FOODEX Japan 2019 exhibition, including participation in the National Pavilion from Ukraine.

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