1st On-line Trade Mission to Japan

The first Trade Mission to Japan took place on November 12th. 23 Ukrainian companies took part and held 40+ B2B meetings with 21 Japanese visa-a-vi. A significant number of participants have already planned to continue communication after the B2B meetings.


1. Both Ukrainian exporters and Japanese importers have positively assessed the format of the event and are ready to recommend it to their colleagues.

2. The format of the Online Trade Mission has shown its viability as an alternative to classic trade fairs.

3. If the format works for Japan - it will work for all of Southeast Asia.

In addition to medium and small traders, among Japanese importers participated "heavyweights" of trade:

What products were of great interest to the Japanese importers:

• honey

• confectionery and snacks

• legumes and grains • frozen fruits and vegetables

• dairy products

• nuts, oils and garlic

• wine

Ats the Mission was such a success, COIN plans to organise 2nd event already in January 2021. Foolow us here to keep track on developments!

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